Stupid, Stupid: Two Shot In Detroit After ‘Who Makes The Best Kool-Aid’ Argument

Not sure if this can be real life or not-

Fox Detroit 2 reports:

Witnesses say two men in the Brightmoor neighborhood were so passionate about the way they make Kool-Aid, they started arguing with each other over who does it better.

Sadly, that fight took a horrifying turn when they both pulled out guns and started firing at each other.  Again, this was over Kool-Aid.

They didn’t hit each other, but two innocent bystanders suffered gunshot wounds in the soft drink shooting. Police call it utterly ridiculous, but they’ve seen worse.  Fox 2’s Andrea Isom has the story.

Check out the video below-

Somehow, we still find it hard to believe this argument occurred over Kool-Aid. If this is indication of what they’re arguing over in the streets, we need to re-evaluate a lot. Teach you kids!

What do you think about the video? Share your thoughts- please don’t shoot us.

  • It’s Cost Me A Lot, But There’s One Thing That I’ve Got…

    I Wonder if we got enough signatures, would the gov actually agree to drop a bomb and destroy the entire city and we can pretend it never existed. Sounds great to me.