Watch This: President Barack & Michelle Obama Details First Date Together

There is nothing like love between a couple- true love. When you take notice at the President and First Lady Michelle Obama, you can see the amount of affection and patience it takes to keep a relationship going. The couple seems very candid and honest about moments without putting on for the cameras.

The President is giving a chance for people to enter in “Dinner With Barack” again this year. In efforts to promote the contest, the First Family shares details about their first date.  The tips come from their own history, with the first couple in the video describing their first date in 1989. “He showed all the signs: he was hip, cutting-edge, cultural, sensitive,” Michelle Obama says in the video. “He was showing me all facets of his character.”

The dinners have become a major part of his campaign fundraising strategy, often offering supporters a chance to meet both the president and a celebrity guest such as George Clooney or Sarah Jessica Parker.

Check out the video below-