Watch This: ‘Soft Focus,’ Explores Conflict Between Religious Upbringing & Outside World

Soft Focus represents a much-anticipated return for filmmaker Rod Gailes OBC, director of such previous festival hits, “Twin Cousins”, “pharaoh jones”, & “Earl’s Post Prison Playdate.” In his latest project, the picture explores a repressed college student pursuit to escape from his religiously strident home life.

The film follows Marcus who has to make a choice of continuing with the curious boyhood obligations imposed by his religiously zealous mother or stepping into a colorful world of adult choices & consequences. Partnered with his good friend Niecy, he chooses the latter, diving headlong into a night of carnal adventure complete with balloons, birthday cake, and Kunta, another young traveler on the road to self discovery. Can Marcus untie the ritual apron strings of a repressed home life to pursue his own version of manhood? Jehovah only knows.

The film stars Damion Omar Lee, Angela Lewis (of the Obie award winning play “Milk Like Sugar”), Madeleine Dauzart, and introduces Aaron Clifton Moten (currently appearing in the hit Broadway production of Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire”).

Check out the preview below-

Wednesday, June 13, Rod Gailes OBC will celebrate the release of  “Soft Focus” as part of the OBC Retrospective from 7:00-9:00PM at the NYU Cantor Film Center. For more information on ticketing, go here

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