Well… Oregon Woman Wins $900,000 After eHarmony Date Gave Her Herpes

The Multnomah County Courthouse in Portland, Ore., where a jury awarded a plaintiff $900,000 after she contracted herpes from a man who did not tell her in advance that he had the virus. (Wikimedia / February 16, 2002)

Seems like dating and not disclosing information can be more harmful for potential mates. Recently, an Oregon woman has won a $900,000 jury verdict against a retired dentist who gave her a surprise case of herpes. The woman reported that on their fourth date the disease was transmitted.

The jury found that the man was 75 percent at fault, while the woman was 25 percent responsible. The jurors also decided that by exposing her to the STD, the man committed battery and made her suffer greatly, The Oregonian said.

San Francisco Chronicle reports:

The 49-year-old woman, who filed the suit under a pseudonym, testified last week that she suffered painful outbreaks and spiraled into depression after a sexual encounter with the 69-year-old man she met through the dating website eHarmony.

“I told the jury he’s dangerous, and I believe he is,” said Randall Vogt, the attorney for the woman, who declined to be interviewed.

High-profile lawsuits accusing celebrities of herpes transmission have been in the news for a quarter century, but such lawsuits remain relatively rare and typically do not go to trial.

Vogt said the cases are uncommon because they are difficult to prove and typically embarrassing for the claimants. Moreover, it does not make sense to pursue a civil lawsuit unless the defendant has the money to pay a potential judgment.

The retired dentist, whose name was also omitted from the lawsuit, has had herpes since 1991. He testified he did not know he was contagious because he was not experiencing an active outbreak at the time the pair had sex, which was during their fourth date.

Roughly 1 of 6 adults in the United States has genital herpes, and transmission can occur regardless of whether infected persons have visible sores, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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    This is disgusting and it aint no tellin who else he gave it to before the date with her. Shameful