Zombies Are Here, But The Enemies Are Still The Queers

In the wake of an alleged zombie apocalypse, you’d expect there to be a clearer focus on what’s good and bad. The flesh-eating homeless people are obviously the antagonists. The drug-free civilians are obviously the good guys. Alas, life isn’t as simple as a George A. Romero-directed horror flick. It’s much more complicated and driven by politics, especially on this reoccurring theme of gay rights.

The idea is that in America, politically speaking, there’s a separation of church and state. That’s so no one man’s religion or faith can breach upon another man’s civil rights and freedoms. Of course, that’s not the case. Our money reads ‘In God We Trust,’ our Pledge of Allegiance aligns us to be directly under God, and our president still gets social stones thrown at him for maybe being Muslim – how circa-2001 and pre-Osama Bin Laden’s death of us!

If you’re privy to cult classic horror films and political rhetoric, you might assume that something like gay marriage would be an easy fix and the least of worries, especially facing the world’s imminent doom and all. The answer would obviously be let the gays marry and let’s begin combat on the people-eaters. No, even in the face of face-eaters, gays are still the ones damned by God. Even worse, the possibility of being a man that loves men and God – at the same damn time – is preposterous.

The Leviticus quotes from The Bible get thrown at homosexuals in a similar fashion that a hero would shoot bullets straight to a zombie’s head. The bullet seemingly not only kills the notions of gays having civil rights, but also killing the notion that God even cares about gays enough for them to be able to build a spiritual connection with Him.

The defense of boys that love boys and God is commonly that no sin is bigger than the other. The argument doesn’t calm religious zealots, but it does anger folks like me. The insinuation that being gay is a sin at all makes it seem as though there’s something innately wrong with being gay in the first place. To compare something that comes so naturally and innocently like sexuality with murder, theft and infidelity is as outrageous as cutting your intestines out of your gut and throwing them at the police. Not to mention, just as disgusting.

This tango of a discussion about morals is stopping your average gay person to realize what a blessing from God being gay is. It’s a chance to revel in the importance of gay people existing if for nothing more than the mere symbolism of breaking the status quo of gender and sexuality. Queer folks can be the example that loving and being you has no bounds, rules or agenda.  It simply just is, and that’s okay.  And it’s natural. God still moves, speaks, uses and blesses gay people, because at the end of the day, we’re still God’s children (assuming you’re not a gay atheist, which must make this ordeal even more frustrating since you don’t even prescribe to a religion or follow the more obscure rules ordained by “God”). We’re not flesh-eating zombies, demon-possessed, or a malevolent political party obsessed with anal sex. We’re simply humans with flaws and sin, and being gay isn’t one of them.

In times where people can paint this world as being a zombie wasteland through religious references and propaganda, it should come as no surprise that the same can be done to people thinking this world will become some rehashing of Sodom and Gomorrah because we let people love each other, and give them equal rights.

Show me a homophobic Christian or a zombie-killer, and I’ll show you people lacking objective thinking skills with too much time on their hands. The mighty God I believe in could turn a gay man heterosexual or kill a zombie, so my suggestion is just to live your life and pray while not intruding on the happiness of others. Oh, and maybe keep a machete handy to throw to a cannibal’s head in case I’m wrong about the whole zombie thing.

I always wanted to be an magician, but I could never perfectly execute any magic tricks. So, I decided on being queer, black, and an artist instead. Born in New York, thriving in Atlanta.

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    Most of these folks are just following one pastor and his wacko ideals. These folks are not reading the bible on their own, but reciting the same hatred that has been told to them.