5 Web Series We Love To Watch

With many people logging online for entertainment versus cable TV, the web has become a haven of creative thinkers looking to express themselves. The great thing about this movement is that we get a chance to see more of people who look like us telling our stories via humor, real life situations and even drama.

What are some of the shows should we watch this summer? The list will vary from person to person but here are some of our recommendations to check out.  Don’t forget to comment and share some other series with us.

The DL Chronicles

Even though the series is no longer with it’s former network, fans are still logging in to check out old episodes. The DL Chronicles is an award winning anthology series by filmmakers Quincy LeNear and Deondray Gossett that aired on cable TV in 2007.  DL Chronicles offers a socially-conscious insight into the lines between sexuality and perceived socially acceptable behavior with the black community. The series is scheduled to return back in the fall via web. You can still catch some of the old episodes online- and new projects inbetween- until the return.

  • http://conrodonline.com cjayconrod

    I feel like maybe I spend too much time on YouTube as I’ve either watched or subscribe to all of them except Funky Dineva, but I’ll check that out next, lol. I love the original shows/ideas that the internet has allowed us to see.

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