5 Web Series We Love To Watch

Funky Dineva

“My hair is layed like…” Funky Dineva! With an interesting ‘insider’ look at Atlanta and commentary on current events, Funky Dineva is a one man show, if you minus his good girlfriend Nessa. Taking on a new hairstyle inspired by celebrity and themes, this series keeps you informed on what’s happening on reality TV shows, Atlanta, politics and exclusive/on-the-sceen interviews. If you like to laugh- tune in!

What web shows will you be checking for this summer?


  • Reply July 9, 2012


    I feel like maybe I spend too much time on YouTube as I’ve either watched or subscribe to all of them except Funky Dineva, but I’ll check that out next, lol. I love the original shows/ideas that the internet has allowed us to see.

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