6 Instagram Rules For Users

By now, you should have heard of Instagram, a photo sharing application for your smart phone. With millions of  Android users joining the app that was strictly for iPhones, the Instagram community has vastly grown over the past few months. Every one is on Instagram; people who don’t even use Instagram are on Instagram.

Since the recent buyout from Facebook, Instagram is having the best year ever. Facebook shocked the online community with its $1 billion acquisition. As more people are starting to using Instagram, we’ve decided to come up with some basic rules to help everyone out.  Check out our rules for new – and old – Instagram users.

Rule #1: Leave words off Instagram – it’s for pictures.

Save your Tweegrams and notes for Twitter or Facebook. Nobody gets on Instagram to read words and your morning inspirational quote of the day. This quickly turns into plagiarism and boring because we know you’re not that deep. Namaste.

Also, nobody wants to see screen shots of your text messages. How invasive is that! Text messages are supposed to be meant for you. More than likely, it’s just a conversation you’ve made up to make yourself look cool or wanted.

Rule #2: Don’t be a knock-off entertainment blogger.

We understand that Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Mary-Kate & Ashley and Kanye West are the pop culture gods. There is no need to flood your Instagram with photos of them or other celebrities who would never return the favor. Try snapping images of interesting things that we don’t see on the blogs or a quick Google Images search. Trust us, we read the blogs daily to know what’s going on.

  • http://conrodonline.com cjayconrod

    That would be EVERY single thought I have about Instagram. If you follow these rules, I’d be more inclined to follow you.

  • http://twitter.com/DuchessCadbury The Right Honourable

    Thank you so much for this post. Instagram has become laborious for me because everyone wants to report bible scriptures or pictures I’ve seen on some celebrity’s Tumblr.

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