8 Summer Fashion Staples Every Man Should Own

Summer has arrived and as the months wind down, you have to make sure your closet is full of all the essentials needed to close it out strong. Still trying to debate on what items to pick up at the mall for an easy transition? Well guys, we’ve made it easy for you. How about we give you some examples of summer requirements? We guarantee you’ll look hot- and not break the bank either.

Fabric Sneaker– $29.99 (via Zara)
Chinos $29.95 (via H&M)
Cargos- $30.00 (via A&F)
Tanks- Bar III Shirt, East Venice Graphic Tank $12.00 (via Macy’s)
Single striped webbing belt-$19.99 (via GAP)

  • Cold Fire

    oh eww! a hipster paradise!

  • Brent

    I cannot leave the house without my cargo shorts. I also love wearing vneck tshirts. Great graphics too guys.

  • WillyWonka

    are you going to do a post like this for fall/winter fashion?