Are We Copping? Nike ‘BE TRUE’ Pride Sneakers

Nike recently launched the BE TRUE 2012 campaign aimed at the LGBT community. With the introduction of the original BE TRUE campaign from 1985, the shoes feature a general cliche of the rainbow spectrum and various other designs.  The shoes- photographed  above- can be purchased for $140, available in various stores.

From Nike:

BE TRUE 2012 celebrates the achievements of the New York City, San Francisco and Portland communities as progressive leaders of LGBT life with city-specific footwear releases and accompanying hat and tee.

Nike BE TRUE Air Flytop [SF] & Nike BE TRUE Air Royal [NYC] (PICTURED): Chosen for their low-profile, trend forward take on court footwear, each model features a mix of premium materials and utilizes a tailored color palette to create a crafted and wearable shoe. Both models are highlighted by their outsoles that feature a vibrant rainbow spectrum that spans from the left to right shoe.

Check out more flicks of the shoes–

Would you rock these sneakers? Drop us a comment below.

  • Cold Fire

    Those are lovely, but too young for me.

  • cjayconrod

    I think they’re dope, but I’m not one to put that kind of money down on kicks. That’s just me. Someone could gift me though. 11 1/2 please, lol.

  • John Reddick

    I do not like the shoe plus i will not pay$140 for shoes made in sweat shops made in Asia.