Are We Watching? All-Black ‘Steel Magnolias’ (TRAILER)

The official trailer for Steel Magnolias featuring an all-black cast has been released on Lifetime. Critics and lovers of the film have been anticipating to see the movie in a new form. With the help of some favorite actors in Hollywood,  the network all star cast includes Queen Latifah (M’Lynn), Phylicia Rashad (Clairee), Alfre Woodard (Ouiser), Jill Scott (Truvy), Adepero Oduye (Annelle), and Condola Rashad (Shelby) for the remake. The film is directed  by Stick Fly‘s Kenny Leon and executive produced by Queen Latifah.

Lifetime Entertainment- Nancy Dubuc said, “The caliber of talent associated with this film is astounding and falls in line with our strategy to make Lifetime a first stop for the industry’s best both in front of and behind the camera.”

She continues, “Queen Latifah, Phylicia, Alfre, Jill, Adepero and Condola are some of the most celebrated women in music, film, television and stage — and we could not be more thrilled and honored for them to bring Robert Harling’s poignant story about the strength of women to a whole new generation.”

Are you going to check out the remake? Did you like the original movie?

  • Jei

    I think I will be watching to accurately judge it. As a southerner and a Louisiana native, I LOVE the original & quote it all the time! I knew the graveyard monologue word for word. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY can cry & talk at the same time like Sally Fields. So I will watch it only to be sure if I like it or not.


    I think it would have been fine if it was based off the original film and just followed a similar story line. A different title would have been better, but I think I see what she is doing, The Queen is doing big things CONGRATS AND MUCH SUCCESS……

  • The Right Honourable

    What’s wrong with original scripts? Why can’t we write new things instead of messing with something that’s already excellent?

    • Drew-Shane

      Seems like it is just easier and cheaper to recreate now!