He Got Now! 6 Men’s Style Bloggers We’re Feelin’

Sabir M. Peele of Men’s Style Pro

When it comes to being the best-dressed person in the room, Sabir M. Peele wins. His style is very constructive and clean.  The tips Peele offers his readers on his blog can be easily translated in your day-to-day life. His is a master of pairing everyday pieces like jeans and shirts turning them into masterpieces and a more comfortable/stylish look.

Who are some of your favorite men’s style bloggers? Let us know!

  • http://twitter.com/JoelJavier BantamWeightLover

    Don’t forget Les Fréres Jo’ ! Twins from France with impeccable style.

  • Cold Fire


  • Brent

    Great choices! I follow Curran. I even own a shirt. Y’all look at his photo collections too! It’s good to see black men doing something positive with their passion.

  • http://twitter.com/Hadji4ever Hadji Jones

    What a round-up of very fashion forward men!