MUST READS! New York Man Gets ‘Rodney King’ Beat-Down + Teacher Fired For Having Gay Son…

Robert Leone Brutally Beating By Pennsylvania State Troopers (VIDEO): Video and photos have been released of Robert Leone and his run in with the police. Even though he did not yield to the police, the footage and commentary surrounding the incident is interesting. How can we compare the two? Well… (via Global Grind)

Teacher Fired from School for Having Gay Son: Some things aren’t even shocking anymore. A teacher’s son who decided to come out found her self fired. After this and her son being suspended, the teacher/mother is suing the the school. (via Unicorn Booty)

Frank Ocean and How We Discuss Sexuality: With Frank Ocean’s beautifully written tumblr post, the way we interpret and discuss sexuality is important. So many headlines and sites continue to get it wrong! There has to be a way to discuss without offending. (via Racialicious)

Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne – Ice (Full Song): Check out Kelly’s latest song. Perhaps she is prepping for a new album – again… (via ElectroLov3)

Young Boy Banned From Swimming Pool Because He Has Two Dads: A same-sex couple was denied access to a health club’s swimming pool with their son. So blacks, lesbians and gays- who’s next? (via The New Civil Rights Movement)

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