Rest In Power: Civil Rights & NAACP Openly Gay Leader, Willis Edwards Dies

Willis Edwards, a civil rights political activist and former leader of the Beverly Hills-Hollywood branch of the NAACP has died. Edwards was 66. According to reports, he passed Friday in Mission Hills, California said a spokeswoman for Providence Holy Cross Medical Center.

Mr. Edwards served on the National Board of the NAACP for 12 years. He was also very instrumental in the recent NAACP endorsement of support for same-sex marriage equality, grassroots campaign for political leaders like Rev. Jessie Jackson, Sr. and hosts of health initiatives around HIV/AIDS.

“Willis was really a creative genius. He could gain access to the White House or to any chamber he wanted to. He could get doors open that others couldn’t,” said former U.S. Rep. Diane Watson, for whom Willis worked as a volunteer and paid consultant in elections dating back to her races for a seat on the Los Angeles school board and state Senate in the ’70s. “He was a connector, he was a doer. There was nothing impossible for Willis.”

He will truly be missed by his peers and our community!

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Rest In Power Mr. Edwards- Our prayers go out to you and your family!