Smash Or Pass: New York Knicks’ Tyson Chandler Bares Cakes For ESPN Magazine, ‘The Body Issue’

New York Knicks’ star Tyson Chandler leaves nothing much to the imagination but the front. Chandler, 7′ 1”, graces the cover of ESPN The Magazine’s fourth annual “Body Issue,” which is slated to hit stands Wednesday.

Daily News reports:

“It was definitely something I haven’t done before,” Chandler told the Daily News.

The father of three laughed when thinking of what his teammates might say when the issue hits stands. “I don’t even know if any of them know that I did it, but I’m sure I’ll get teased when it comes out,” he said.

The modest hoops player said his wife, Kimberly, didn’t like the idea of sharing him with hordes of other women. But after some discussion, the artistry involved appealed to Chandler, an avid painter and photographer.

“I have the ability to do some extraordinary things in the court. I’m not one of those stand-in-the-mirror type of people,” he said. “I love different aspects of art, and I can appreciate when a photo can be done correctly.”

Others also included are New York Ranger Brad Richards, Bronx fencer Tim Morehouse, the WNBA’s Candace Parker, tennis player Daniela Hantuchova and track star Carmelita Jeter.

Smash or pass?

  • Whispering Grass

    Pass! He’s straight. Gay men need to stop lusting after them and build our own wannabe models and sex sirens. This does nothing for me.

  • Jerrod Moody

    I concur it’s time we stop lusting over men of the opposite-sex’s that we cannot have. We need to start working towards a new image that reflects a lot on the positive side of “Gays” that does not have us depicting apart ourselves.or infatuated knowing our desires will never be met. “Looks are not always so important”! There’s so much more that identify’s with being “Black” & “associate with the word Gay”!

  • Tonie Wright

    I disagree why not just appreciate the beautiful male body for being just that beautiful! The body of an men like this to me are a work of art that can be looked at and appreciated as such!

  • D.Jamarr

    I agree with Tonie, why not look and lust over a nice body. Just because he is not gay does not mean we cant or shouldnt be attracted to him. This post was regarding the ESPN Body Issue it shows some of the 24 most admired bodies in sports. Let it be about that. Hell i got mine in the mail today and must say that it pushes me more to work for a body like his.

    • Erica

      This boys body is dumb fine! Hi DJ its EJ