Smash Or Pass: Tank Covers KONTROL Magazine’s ‘Sexy Body Issue’

R&B singer panty dropper Tank is featured in KONTROL Magazine’s “Sexy Body Issue.” He also shares the spotlight with R&B former girl group singer Dawn Richard in a double cover. The issue is expected to drop on July 13. But back to Tank…

Read an excerpt from the cover story and find more photos below:

“I’m really excited about this one. I picked stuff I wanted to pick. Like the stuff I would normally pass on because it’s probably not considered a ‘Tank’ record, when a ‘Tank’ record is any record I’m on. So I kind of rolled with it that way as opposed to letting someone else tell me who I am, you know what I mean? The reason you believe what you do about me is because of what you have been able to see, but you don’t totally know me that well.

He continued…

For instance, if you think I just do ballads, then you only know one thing. Right now, you are just finding out that I’m a musician; that I produced and wrote a lot of records. You’re just now starting to understand who I am and what I’m capable of. So let it be instead of me letting you tell me who I am and making an album based off of what you think, let me just show you who I am. On this album, I didn’t care what record was going to radio, or which ones were going to be the single. I just didn’t care, and we called it ‘This is How I Feel’.”

Check out more pictures from the spread-

Smash or pass?

  • Whispering Grass

    Eww No, not with all those damn kids and still having more. This man has some issues and plenty of baby mamas to shed light on them. PASS! I cant stand a man that doesn’t know how to control his penis. Straight or gay! Pass 2 because he is straight and I hate that gays lust after what is only dangled in front of them and they can not have it and never will. We really need to find our OWN out men and lift them up. It can happen, we just have to make it.

  • cjayconrod

    But the reality is, gay or straight, they’ll never be realistically attainable, so what’s really the difference? You can think someone is attractive and them not be interested in you. I really don’t see the problem.