STFU: Lil Scrappy Believes Gay Is A ‘Doorway’ For AIDS, Tries To Clarify Statement

In another episode of  “When Goons from the ATL Speak,” we bring you Lil Scrappy. This weekend an interview between TMZ and Lil Scrappy brought up some ignorant comments said by the Atlanta rapper. Lil Scrappy firmly believes that downlow men are the gateway to the spread of HIV.

But wait, there’s more…

Although the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star commended Frank Ocean for coming out of the closet, his praise definitely went out the window. The rapper also made comments about other entertainers in the industry that need to come out and be upfront. He firmly believes- through science- this will help keep the AIDS situation down.

Check out the interview below as Lil Scrappy:

Recent tweets from the rapper show him attempting to clarify his statements:

“I don’t have a problem wit gays I just don’t do it an I also said scientifically because its proven,we was talkin bout 1 thing not other gates.”

“Ok y’all just took the tmz sh*t wrong cus I was def not sayin that’s the only way u can get hiv I mean come on yall just wanna find a reason. And I respect all y’all comments good or bad that’s just ur opinion,thanks for even giving a f**k. Ya feel me.”

But of course if he were speaking English, we probably wouldn’t have misinterpreted what he said?

Again people, gays are not the only ones who can get infected with HIV/AIDS. Anyone who engages in sexual activity can- and that includes ‘real men’ too, Lil Scrappy.

  • LaBob1950

    1st. Lil Scrappy needs to speak ENGLISH or speak in intelligible sentences during an interview.
    2nd. Get your HIV/AIDS facts “STRAIGHT” (excuse the pun) before you start using the “SCIENTIFICALLY”.
    3rd. Anyone can be infected with HIV/AIDS..It is not a GAY DISEASE….
    Lil Scrappy catch up !!! & In your instance, unfortunately, Sometimes silence is a good answer before your spread your vile.

  • Marcus Bolton

    Dear Scrappy,

    Actually, I don’t feel you. Regardless of your last-minute acknowledgement that there are other modes of transmission or “gateways,” the real issue is that you are running your mouth about a topic that you know very little about, perpetuating myths and exacerbating stigma. Even worse, your inability to recognize that you are wrong and acknowledge that your misinformed views can influence others makes my blood boil.

    Educate yourself about HIV before you speak next time. Better yet, don’t EVER talk about HIV again. Leave that to the experts and the people living with the disease.

    Thanks in advance,