Texas Arguments Against 1965 Voting Rights Law In Court – Should More Blacks Be Concerned?‎

From racially biased literacy tests to poll taxes, disproportionate of new proposals have taken on a new meaning and more modern version. When it comes to voting, many efforts are being implemented to help deter African American voters and even distract minorities from participating in voting.

The Texas voter ID law came under heavy fire Friday from the three-judge panel responsible for determining its legality under the Voting Rights Act. After the weeklong trial, final arguments for and against the policy were stated.

According to Chris Haynes from “Up With Chris Haynes,” the portion of the act at issue covers nine states, and counties and townships in seven others, largely in the South, that have a history of erecting barriers to black people exercising their right to vote. With many minorities living in the south, one can only imagine the motivations of voter ID laws. While the original act passed with bipartisan support more than 45 years ago, a shift in political preferences along racial lines has turned the landmark piece of civil rights era legislation into a highly charged political issue. With an African American in office, who would have thought this would make more sense now?

Of course presidential hopeful Mitt Romney did not mention anything on black’s voting rights at the NAACP convention. Instead of talking about policies like voter ID laws and Stop & Frisk in New York, Romney managed to skip over issues concerning NAACP constituents. However, Vice President Joe Biden made it clear about the motives of the Republican and Tea Party in his address.  This past March, the Obama administration blocked a Texas law passed in 2011 requiring voters to present photo identification at the polls, saying it was unfair to minority voters. Texas sued the U.S. government, saying its measures were fair and the Justice Department had political motives in going after the law.

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What do you think about the Voters Act? What political effects do you feel this will have on the African American vote? Sound off!

  • http://twitter.com/drewshane Drew-Shane

    I almost drank the sweet tea on this one but now I feel it’s total BS! Racially motivated and bias. I didn’t know voter fraud was that low- where it won’t effect much of anything. I’m glad more people are talking about it now. When people become a threat, others will try to find anyway to suppress them. Others, I mean black. We’re voting more and now Mr. O is in the White House. Figures…

    • Cold Fire

      Exactly! Why now of all elections? They knew what they were doing when they lied and spooked the american people into voting your conservative goons into controlling many political houses at the state and federal level. It’s shameful and we will not let them win!

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