The Miseducation Of The Power Bottom

Tops frequently question why they fall so quickly for a great bottom experience, and wonder how the bottom is able to endure the rapid, thrusting sensation of his manhood with every climactic moment of the sexual experience. Perhaps it is the ecstasy of being engaged with a bottom of power, or what is more commonly referred to as the “power bottom.”

My personal definition, in “gay” terms, of a bottom is a male who receives penal penetration in the anus, also identified as the receptive partner. So, what is the difference between a regular bottom and a power bottom – or is there even a difference at all?

The meaning of power bottom varies on an individual-by-individual basis; some would consider a “power bottom” a person who has a long, strong sexual drive who can endure being penetrated for extended lengths of time, while others view them as “size queens” – a person who generally enjoys being penetrated by a very well-endowed top. However, in my experience, it’s just plain and simple: tops enjoy guys who can deliver great bottom experiences because it is their ultimate sexual fantasy. A person who can fulfill the fantasy of a top’s sexual desires, needs and wants without being asked or instructed is truly a top’s dream.

Tops appreciate a bottom that enjoys his experience without complaining about exhaustion or pain. Unfortunately, though, the term “power bottom” has essentially been dragged through the mud and viewed negatively by a number of tops and bottoms, but do not fall for the gibberish. Even though the sexual experience may be very enjoyable with the power bottom, there is much more to this equation. A power bottom, in my opinion, is not a size queen or a person with excessive sexual stamina, but is one who has experience as a bottom, is very confident and knows his self-worth.

The ways a power bottom talks and his assertive confidence have the ability to instantly mesmerize a top; the power bottom, with a simple greeting of “Hello,” instantly draws him in, and the sexual experience has already begun. When the top instantly becomes mentally stimulated by the power bottom’s conversation, the top’s desire to explore this bottom and their experience together. The way the power bottom sways when he walks is erotically appealing, and is also a calculated skill that drives the top wild!  Beyoncé said it best in her song, “Ego”: “I walk like this ‘cause I can back it up!”

As confident as the power bottom is in his walk, he is equally confident in the bedroom. The erotic sexual moment about to ensue is appealing to the top, because he can’t believe what he is feeling now that he is alone with him. As they engage, the moment of climax approaches and totally blows his…mind, and makes him feel like he has fallen in love. The power bottom is smiling because he knows his sex, body, mind and spirit all ooze – of confidence.

Self-worth is the undisputed trait of a power bottom. Being confident in who you are as an intellectual, sexual individual is also intellectually and sexually intriguing to tops – hence the adjective, power.

  • Brent

    We have terms for everything in our community. I thought power bottom was just some myth until I start watching porn and asking around. These bottoms are serious about taking dick. Some people are just better at it than others.


    Wow. I’ve never actually thought about it in this way. I focus on my TOPGAME to satisfy, but finding a bottom that puts THAT much effort into satisfying me in return is rare. Makes you want to promise things you shouldn’t, tell secrets that are best left silent. POWER bottom is right. Great article!

  • DeVear Peters Jr

    I enjoyed the “take” on the term “power bottom,” however, I feel that this can be looked at as an attempt to put this term through a “makeover.”

    I think it is a BEAUTIFUL experience to run into not only a bottom, but also a top, who exudes confidence and a clear understanding of his sexual self-worth. But is it power? Just like “late” and “tired” and other “gay terms” have a place in our culture and a meaning, the term “power bottom” does too. Whether we look at it as negative, or simply just a bottom who likes “big” penis on a VERY regular basis, the term “Power Bottom” will always be a bottom who expresses his power to “take dick,” and actually makes it KNOWN that he ONLY prefers “big dick,” and is his primary wonder when engaging with any potential male partner.

    There has to be another term that we can give to the types of bottoms spoken to in this article. The types of bottoms who are experienced and confident, point, blank, period, REGARDLESS of “size” or of the consistency he is receiving penis. This bottom in this article is more affirmed in his sexual abilities… maybe he is simply a “Good Bottom” vs a “Power Bottom.”

    In the heterosexual realm, women are not said to be “Power Pussies” or even refer to themselves as having such. They KNOW there is POWER in their pussy, but at the end of the day, they say “I got good pussy!” I think we can simply do the same with a bottom. (and this is not to try to correlate the bottom to a female by NO means…) 🙂 LOL

  • JMA

    Interesting take. I have a fraternity brother who said to me “I used to be a power bottom” my take as many was always one who could take a well endowed top. I myself can relate to your term but wouldn’t consider myself to be a power bottom. Very interesting, something to think about…

  • JC Johnson

    read it this yesterday…Bunny debunked a couple myths I see…very good. Took this new attitude home to my partner and put it down this morning 🙂

  • motorfingaz

    Oh good grief.

  • alex.

    use of the word “miseducation” would imply that the actual power bottom is the one whose mind is in need of realignment. I get using the word for the sake of cleverness, but maybe “mislabeling” (or something) would actually be more accurate.

  • tony265982

    my definition of a power-bottom is one who might be the dominant force in a sexual relationship. one who can throw it back with as much vigor and confidence as a egotistical top.

  • anon

    You should look up the words “penal” and “penile”.

  • Niji Potamus

    A “power bottom” is a (rough and highly agressive) bottom who dominates (a “Dom”) the top. A good allegory of why tops like power bottoms so much is the same reason beta and lower tier (but not side tier such as the delta male) males LOVE being dominated by a female partner in bed, reverse cowgirl, girl does all the work, etc.

    Basically a power bottom turns the top into their bitch, and there is no question about whom fucked whom. Of note: it doesn’t matter if the top gets off ONLY the bottom’s pleasure is of relevance (unless they have a specific fetish that requires caring about the top’s pleasure).

    Dick breaking sex can occur, etc.

    Outside of those basic the further definition varies wildly.

    Essentially it’s like.. The alpha male wants to bottom because he finds prostate stimulation more personally gratifying and tops are just being “used” to get himself off. (This is true of a “Powet Top” as well, etc)

    Now, put two competing alpha males one a bottom one a top for sexy shenanigans and you will have the most insane brutal and exaggeratedly long lasting sex possible (between non-tantric males/masculine males)

  • Michael Morin

    why is all about satisfying the top? I tend to think that power bottom is all about his own pleasure and if you get off, that’s icing.