Too Personal? Nas Speaks On Kelis’ Reaction To ‘Life Is Good’ Artwork (VIDEO)

With much press and reviews surrounding his latest album “Life Is Good,” Nas stopped through Hot 97 to discuss the project, dysfunctional relationship with Kelis and even growing after the divorce. Of course, Funkmaster Flex had no problem harping on the Kelis issue– he managed to get more personal information about their marriage and past fights between the couple.

Before the album was released, Nas made sure to inform his ex-wife about her wedding dress being featured on the cover. If you’ve kept up with the couple you would be able to recognize the dress that was featured in wedding photos and even VH1’s Behind the  Music.

Check out the interview below-

What do you think about the album cover? Did Nas get too personal? Share your thoughts.

  • Strong Logan

    I respect Nas for being open….The music had his soul in it big time.