5 Black Films That Shouldn’t Be Remade

As the reviews and opinions pour in around last weekend’s release of “Sparkle,” we couldn’t help but wonder what other vintage Hollywood flicks are in queue to be remade for the big screen… again. There are some remakes that got us a little excited (imagine a remake of “The Wiz” with the right cast and an even better music supervisor), but there were some that we just couldn’t bear the thought of Hollywood  taking another go at.

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The Color Purple

Turned into a movie by Steven Spielberg, Alice Walker’s novel, The Color Purple, was genius. Outside of being required reading for many of us in high school, this movie was jam-packed with up-and-coming actors (not to mention future media mogul Oprah Winfrey). No matter how many times you watch this movie, you always find yourself noticing something different. Each character brought a great dynamic to the storyline that shouldn’t be touched. A modern version wouldn’t do this movie any justice. Could you imagine what the table scene would look like today? Nope. We can’t either.

  • Brent

    I would love to see The Wiz remade. But only if Beyoncé doesn’t play Dorothy. Then I wouldn’t want to see it. What about movies like Set it Off and Boys in the Hood? Those could never be touched either.

    • me

      im working on it, and bey is nowhere in the plans….:)

  • rlscott

    cooley high, boyz in the hood,

  • Reggie West

    This was a good list, but I think it should have been 10 movies listed because I can think of a few more I don’t want Spike, F. Gary, or that Tyler Perry character to put their hands on. I must say though, I can see “Waiting To Exhale” being remade. Especially with today’s ratchetness found in some women. LOL. Talk about pure comedy.

  • Tyshan Broden

    Friday, 5 Heartbeats

  • tc

    these five films should not be remade their not old enough. there’s no need.now coolie high,corn bread earl and me,a hero ain’t nothing but a sandwich,the learning tree and lady sing the blues. movies like these’s the ones from the 70’s

  • flossbee

    Cooley High is a story that should be retold in some variation particularly because it is something that can resonate with the youth. It doesn’t have to be called “Cooley High” but the reboot can have a similar parallel under a different moniker. I love that movie and it is still so relevant to this day. A modern day rendition under the right direction would be gold!