Living With Your Boyfriend? 6 Things You Should Consider First

There comes a point in relationships when you’re ready to get serious with the one you call your boo. You’ve already gotten past the overnight phase and now you’re debating how it would be living in the same space. Beyond packing a for-one-night bag, having a drawer and keeping a toothbrush next to his, sharing a lease is the ultimate test many couples take in order to make things more concrete in a relationship. Living with your partner will require adjustments to your daily lifestyle, habits and privacy. Are you ready for that?

Like anything you do in life, there are pros and cons that must be weighed. Here are some things to consider…


  1. Where Them Dollars At: It’s no secret that the economy isn’t thriving or booming. We’re all looking for ways to save a dollar or two. I know I am, at least. Moving in together is the smartest financial move a couple could make. Saving money on rent, utilities and food is beneficial for both parties. Everything can be split right down the middle causing you to have a little extra money for date nights and private trips.
  2. Same Stuff, Just A Different Day: You can learn more about one another’s daily routine. You can see what your partner does when he wakes up in the morning and what he has to do before heading to sleep. Many times in relationships, we try our best not to expose our bad habits. Finally, he will get a chance to see what it really takes for you to get ready as well.
  3. Let’s Get Married… Wait: Hopefully, you don’t plan to move in with everyone you’re in a relationship with. Moving in together should be a precursor to what married life would be like. This could be a time to test your relationship to see if you two can actually make it work occupying the same space.

  • Brent

    I have never had a roommate outside college. I don’t think I could live with someone. No even my boyfriend. I like the space and distance. When you said financial reasons, that would be my only reason

  • Cold Fire

    This is why I want a house with a jack and jill floor plan for two separate master bedrooms. He can have his own room and storage and stuff and we can visit one another and interact in the bathroom. The bathroom will connect both rooms. I really think that respecting one another’s space and belongings is so vital in a relationship.