On The Cover: Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan’s ‘Bromance’ In The New Yorker

The cover of The New Yorker’s current issue takes a funny interpretation on president hopeful Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan. As the GOP Convention hopefully kicks off this week, the magazine decided to poke fun at their relationship. In each scenario it actually looks like the two are getting to know each other and having fun doing it.

The cover, illustrated by artist Barry Blitt and titled “Bromance,” features a series of drawings depicting both GOP candidates. Blitt revealed that he drew a number of illustrations but six of which were selected for the cover.

“For all the forced bonhomie you see in campaign-stop photos of these two, they look about as comfortable to me as an anxious father and his new, soon-to-be son-in-law,” Blitt says.

(Source/Photo via The New Yorker)

What do you think about the photo? Do you think this represents a relationship gearing up for the White House? Share your thoughts below.

  • http://twitter.com/paideiarebel Antonio M. Daniels

    I very much like the illustrations. I think the images capture how excited Romney and Ryan are to have the opportunity to become President and Vice-President. I have to wonder, however, would The New Yorker depict President Obama and Vice-President Biden in such a way.