Pause: Disney Characters Turned Gay – Cute Or Offensive?

There seems to still be a stigma seeing two gays kiss. Even through art, a community has became upset through photos depicting Disney characters as gay. Imagine Eric and Aladdin sharing a passionate kiss in Greece, or even Princess Jasmine and Ariel tonguing each other down. Hot, right?


According to sources, artist Sian Jones caused controversy for her exhibit at the Guernsey Annual Art Festival. Those against the gallery claim this decision derived from the event being open to all ages.

The Deputy Head of a local primary school wrote on the Guernsey Sunday Arts Facebook page:

“While I’m neither a prude nor anti-gay I was a little put off by the artist who was displaying large pictures of Disney characters in gay kiss scenes. I don’t think a family event such as this is the place to display this work. It is a little difficult to explain to toddlers why Ariel and Jasmine & Aladdin and Eric are kissing, not to mention the huge infringement of copyright this artist has incurred. I think Disney Inc would be even less impressed than I was!”

Others left comments like:

“Well done Sian. I hope one day people who say “I’m not a homophobe but I don’t want my kids to see pictures of gay people” will realise how ridiculous and contradictory their stance is.”

Jones said she never intended her works to offend, but defended her decision to exhibit them: “I remember learning at university that art should be about making people question their views and react, so in those terms it was a success.”

What do you think about the exhibit? Are the photos offensive? Will children be somehow traumatized from the gallery? Speak up!

  • Brent

    I think it looks good. I wonder if they didn’t label the exhibit as mature or let the patronsknow what to expect before bringing kids.

  • Jane Jones


  • BougieHippie


  • Jonathan

    Offensive. and Unnecessary.

  • Gina

    Why is it offensive – two people kissing!?! Do you find The Kiss by Klimt offensive, I think it is beautiful, finding same genders kissing offensive is just narrow minded.

  • Two Tone

    Offensive?! What…fuck outta here. Its just muhfuckas kissin’. *Roll eyes* Us humans are so intelligent we’re fuckin’ idiots…