There’s An App For That? Chec-Mate Allows Users To Log & Share HIV Status

When it comes to knowing your HIV status, knowing is beautiful and important. With the way the disease forms, you can never be sure too of your status without consulting your doctor and getting tested regularly.

Chec-Mate is the world’s first iPhone application that allows users to locate local sexually transmitted infections screening facilities, schedule a personal screening and securely store your results on your iPhone in a confidential manner. While keeping the results on your phone, the application makes it easier to share your results with your partner.

The Root featured the application:

“The Chec-Mate application allows individuals to instantly locate screening facilities in their area, discreetly schedule a screening and securely store the results of that screening right on their smartphone for easy, confidential sharing,”  said Eli Dancy, CEO of STFree Certifications Inc. and creator of the Chec-Mate app.”

The app will allow for instant access to screening results 24 hours a day 7 days a week, confidential screening result verifications and safe and secure storage. There is also a built in screening facility locator to help locate facilities to get tested.

The amount of excuses of not knowing and being engaged are slowly becoming smaller and smaller. Testing is very important if we want to keep handle on the HIV epidemic. With statistics showing black gay men are infected the most (and at higher rates), we have to take our health serious.

What do you think about the app? Would you use it?