Who You Callin’ Fat?!

From Healthy Black Men– Are you ready to make this the last year you are fat?

Fat men can cut their risk for diabetes, heart and kidney disease and some  cancers by exercising more and eating healthier, according to  officials at the National Institutes of Health. I pray to God that most men knew this already.  But then again maybe not. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Vital Health Statistics, indicate 60.1 percent of African-American males are overweight.

Dr. Griffin Rodgers at the National Institutes of Health suggests men who are  overweight or obese can improve their health — and, if they’re dads, set a good  example for their kids — by doing some simple things. Start by making a plan that includes good eating habits and exercise, Rodgers  said.

“Aim for 30 minutes of exercise, five or more times a week; a brisk walk at  lunch or after dinner, weight training with a friend, or playing soccer on a  local team, are activities that dad can consider,” according to Rodgers.  “Men can encourage their family to be active and play together.”

So it’s really up to each fella to look in the mirror and make a behavior change. It’s likely that overweight family men could have a great impact on their partners and kids too. So don’t ignore the signs of being overweight. The next time you are tempted to rebel when someone makes a crack about your double chin or super-sized love handles, just think of it as an external indicator to take stock of your health. Sometimes the universe gives subtle clues, sometimes its a quick verbal jab that slaps you into reality.

For African American men, the high risks associated with obesity and for developing type 2 diabetes can be prevented. It’s never too late to make healthier  lifestyle changes. However, before implementing their new lifestyle plans, men should check with your doctors.

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