WTF? Popular DJ Caught Giving ‘Unsuspected’ Men Fellatio While Sleep

When it comes to fetishes, mental illness and ways to get off, there seems to be no act off limits. Harrisburg police in Pennsylvania have arrested a man suspecting prowling the bar scenes and looking for sexual victims. Police report that Dajuan Porter had performed oral sex on unsuspecting men while they slept.

Many victims are beginning to come forward with their stories allegedly Porter sneaked into their homes. Some even speak on past meetings with Porter on a friendly basis, which somehow gave Porter- in his mind- the invitation to creep in and perform oral sex.

CBS News reports:

In May of 2011 a man reported to police a man climbed up his fire escape, broke in and began performing oral sex on him. That is the first of three charges that police announced Wednesday.

The next two cases came a year later, in that case both victims reported they woke to Porter performing oral sex on them and they knew him. The assaults in those two cases happened after a night of partying.

“He actually tried it on me overnight,” stated an additional victim. This man, who asked to remain anonymous, claims Porter has done this more than three times.

“I violently woke up because I felt a hand go down my pants,” stated the victim.

That’s where it stopped. The man kicked Porter out of his house. Porter had been over with several mutual friends following a night at the bar.

“It made me crazy for days and I really wanted to hunt Dajuan down and beat him to the pavement,” the victim told us.

Porter was a fixture at Harrisburg bars, often DJing at downtown clubs. According to this victim, Porter’s sex assaults and attempted assaults became known in their midtown Harrisburg circle.

It was reported that the DJ had a lengthy sexual history of sexual assault and burglary including while in prison. Currently, he is in jail until he makes bond. Even though some people have come forward, police think more victims out there will begin to fill charges.


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