Dark Horse Comics Introduced Buffyverse’s First Gay Male Slayer

The comic book world continues to create characters that reflect on the LGBT community.

Even though the show ended back in 2003, Dark Horse Comics has continued to delight Buffy fans by continuing the Buffyverse world through the comic books. It’s been years now and we’re loving every single volume that’s been coming out. It makes us believe that the world of Buffy is not going to end any time soon.

With season 9 approaching, it looks like Dark Horse Comics is about to add a little twist to the mix. It has a new story and a new twist. It surrounds the life of the first male slayer named Billy, who happens to be gay as well.

Jane Espenson, who has been involved with Buffyverse for quite some time—working as a writer and producer on the television show and co-writing several comic book stories for Tales of the Slayers, Tales of the Vampires, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight—has collaborated with Drew Greenberg on this project.

So she was asked why now and why Billy?

“Billy actually predated the idea of doing a Husbands comic,” Espenson explains. “I already knew Cheeks, and he has a line in Season 1 of Husbands, that Brad [Bell] wrote, that really struck me about how Cheeks has an “exotic femininity” that’s equated with weakness. I thought, Gee, all the work we’ve done with Buffy is about being female, and how that doesn’t mean that you are lesser. It suddenly struck me: If being feminine doesn’t mean that you’re lesser, then liking guys also doesn’t mean you’re lesser. For very good reason, we’ve focused on the female empowerment part of Buffy, but I wondered, Did we leave something out? What if someone in high school is looking up to Buffy as a role model, and we’re saying: You can’t be a Slayer.”

Buffy Season 9 #14 comes out soon. Get ready for Billy.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=45002402 Jack Iesson

    This is really interesting. I’m a huge Buffy fan and once wrote stories about a gay black male slayer. I’m kinda hyped to see how this turns out.

  • Cold Fire

    Makes me want to read comics again. My uncle turned me on to them ages ago. I like that the LBGT characters are getting me back into the groove.

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