On The Cover: Marlo Hampton Rocks DENIM Magazine’s 2012 Holiday Issue

Marlo Hampton is definitely still trying to hold on to her 15-minutes of fame. She flaunts here fashion savvy and decadence in DENIM Magazine’s 2012 holiday issue. Last year, Marlo Hampton caused some ruckus when she made a homophobic slur on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” I still find it hard to believe people are still checking for her but I will say she looks gorgeous on the cover. Perhaps that’s all she should do – keep it cute!

Check out some of clips from here interview:

So what or who made you love fashion as a teen?

“As a teen I was in and out of foster care; so having the best fashion was something that seemed unattainable. I didn’t win Best Dressed, but I understood at an early age I couldn’t afford certain kinds of clothing when I was growing up. But, what I do remember about my mother was that she loved nice things. At times, when we did get clothes; we would get them from a second hand store. And she always kept us clean and extremely polished.

What designers can you not live without?
“I think this may be sort of obvious, and a little birdie might have let you know… all things CHANEL. I am very partial to their clothes because CoCo Chanel was an Orphan. I can relate to that. She didn’t have parents to raise her, but look at what she’s overcome. Her story reminds me of mine. She had humble beginnings but Chanel is the Queen of Fashion, all of their pieces are classy and timeless!

What designer would you want to collaborate with on a collection? Would it be high end or price friendly?

“I would love to work with the designers of J. Crew. Their pieces are simply stunning and they have a good mix of everything. Our collection would be what I call “Fashion Affordable.” Nice pieces, for an affordable price, with great style, trend but quality material. There would be something for everyone. We all deserve a piece of Marlo.”