Call For Writers: Pitches Wanted!


MUSED aims to generate stimulating discussions on our site through thought-provoking articles. Utilizing various multimedia forms such as news stories, blog posts and videos, MUSED strives to promote well-written pieces about lifestyle, entertainment and culture.

We’re seeking fresh and diverse voices to help drive our editorial content. We encourage interested contributors to step outside of the box, and present quality, original material that can relate to, and stimulate conversation.

Contributors interested in writing for MUSED should submit pitches or articles. Keep in mind all articles must be original work containing 600-1,000 words. Please copy and paste the pitch/article into the body of your email. For consideration, please submit pitches to

  • Cold Fire

    I gotta send in one.

    • Drew-Shane

      I keep telling you this…

      • Cold Fire

        I know daddy. Ima have something for you probably by the end of today…

  • JAMAlisKing

    i gotta send one….

  • Bama

    I’ll keep this in mind. Can it be something already written?

    • Drew-Shane

      Submissions must be original work. If it has not been published in print or online, we will accept the submission. Look forward to your email!

  • bunnypudding

    Hurry up time as I want to get home and write my pitch. I shall send it through shortly!eiii excited and hope you like what I produce.

  • Steven Austin

    Is this still active?

    • Drew-Shane

      We’re always looking for fresh voices! If you want to pitch any ideas or submit, please email is us:

  • Mahoganie

    Are writers paid?

  • Salvatoresia Ekine

    would love to but my minimum has always been 8000 words or more…