MUST READS! Rush Limbaugh Gives Up On Anti-Gay Marriage Fight + Rick Ross Defends Rapey Lyrics

Limbaugh Gives Up On Anti-Gay Marriage Fight: Looks like more conservatives are throwing in the towel when it comes to arguing about same-sex marriage. Hopefully this will be reflected during the recent discussions with the SCOTUS. “This issue is lost,” he said. “It is now inevitable” that gay marriage will come to pass, regardless of how the Supreme Court rules on two separate cases related to the issue.” (Mediaite)

Rick Ross Calls ‘U.O.E.N.O.’ Rape Lyrics a ‘Misunderstanding’: Somebody gotta choppa in the car? But nobody is believe Ricky Ross, he needs more people and better lyrics. It’s good to see people get upset about lyrics in songs nowadays, maybe that’ll channel some good talent… Nah! But listen…

(Rap Up)

I Blame Myself: The Consequences of Enjoying Rick Ross, Rap, and Rape Culture: Also, Editor and Founder, Kimberly Foster wrote a beautiful reflection post about enjoying her rap music and getting her two step on. We are all guilty of doing this without paying attention to the lyrics. She blames the industry, artists and even herself.  (For Harriet)

Mona Scott-Young Dishes on Her Presentation of Women and ‘The Gossip Game’: Those who are fans of reality TV know that Mona Scott-Young definitely brings it when she produces a show. She always finds herself defending her projects due to the harsh criticism of seeing black women on TV acting out. During a press conference she teased her new show and made commentary on how her shows are actually helping those involved. (VIBE Vixen)

Financial Advice for The Committed, But Unmarried: I’m not sure about you but when it comes to relationships (or myself), I don’t want to broke. No romance with out finance.  When it comes to finances it is important that both parties are on the same page. Check out some advice Alfred Edmond over at (Black Enterprise)

Bond Denied for Anti-Gay Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick: Much shock and talk went around the decision of Kilpatrick. Now it seems like he has been denied bond. A federal judge has denied a request by the ex-Detroit Mayor to be released on bond while he awaits sentencing. Hate to see another brother in trouble but defintely know we need to use our powers/leadership for good. (Rod 2.0)