MUST READS! ‘Free Angela Davis’ + Black Men And Bipolar Disorder…

Review – Shola Lynch’s Sobering, Candid ‘Free Angela & All Political Prisoners’: There has been much buzz and even a recent series of hashtags (#FreeAngelaDavis) in support of the beloved activist and historic icon known as Angela Davis. Marking the 40th anniversary of Davis’ full acquittal, the documentary is aimed to bring more awareness and truth about her legacy that couldn’t be uttered back then.  (Shadow and Act)

Black Men and Bipolar Disorder: When it comes to mental health, there is much discussion that needs to be held within our community. Bipolar is a real disorder and we must learn more about it and how to deal with those around us with it. Learn more: (Healthy Black Men)

Tyler Perry Has A Rape Problem: Like clockwork, after the Tyler Perry’s latest project “Temptation” was released, the critics came in to holler. Not that we expect Madea to be a beacon of hope for blacks in Hollywood, his movies tend to receive backlash that  is pretty much recycled as the story lines he uses. With this movie, more people are talking about his problem with rape and lineage to connecting him to homophobia and the abuse of ‘good’ black women.  Hallelujer! (Thought Catalog)

Busta Rhymes At Cheeseburger Baby Allegedly Screams Slurs Over Burger Condiments (EXPLICIT LANGAUGE): It was reported recorded that Busta Rhymes allegedly threw a slur-filled tantrum in Miami Beach early Wednesday morning, hurling homophobic names at restaurant employees after his party wasn’t allowed to cut in line for a burger. (Huffington Post)

Rihanna Tours the World in ‘Rihanna 777’ Fox Special [Trailer]: Rihanna invited 256 fans and journalists to jet with her across the world last November, starting in L.A. and ending in New York City. The trip received mixed reviews but mostly negative comments from those on board the flight. Hopefully, this wasn’t a social experiment gone wrong for the songstress but here’s a sneak preview.

(Rap Up)