Director Lee Daniels Discusses Coming Out & Being Gay In The Black Community (VIDEO)


When it comes to developing story lines about the black community, director Lee Daniels has done good work in movies like “Precious” and now The Butler.” Daniels has no problem with sharing his story and how his ideas and work in the black community has attributed to his thoughts and experiences.

In an interview with Larry King, the Oscar nominated director discusses coming out, being gay in the black community and reveals more details about his relationship with his family as a child.

What do you think about his comments? Thoughts?

  • BRowPhD

    “You’re living in this DL thing, and you’re infecting Black women.” <– Scientifically proven to not be true… MULTIPLE times.

  • AmericanBoi

    he had me.i was agreeing with everything up untill “infecting our women.” like i hate when ppl imply black dl men are the only way black women are getting hiv/aids. like stop it. ugh.

    as far as why DL men exist, i completely agree, ive been preaching that for years and years now.

  • Amari Builtmore

    That is sum bullshyt 5 and he is embarrassed bout his feelings or thoughts towards the same gender now that should be the indication of not working the fruit of life called acceptance and the need for repentance is unto this reality We are accepted as we are and we are to accept everything bout our self. This is the problem most souls have but more so those who are thoughtful unto same gender relationship feel that they are wrong why because mama and daddy do not have same gender relationships. No it means you are to accept yourself and the thoughts it was not coming from outside and the giver of our breath never spoke to you not to have same gender thoughts in the day you do you will removed away from me. Hell what they fuck LOOK ACCETPT

  • Amari Builtmore

    ACCEPT yourself those thoughts are not wrong nor are they evil. and the truth bout why repentance and redemption is never really disclosed but looked understood as instead of repenting not to separated from the giver of your breath and redeem the fruits of life to be found obedient you are told to repent for being a faggot and then to redeem being a heterosexual…. this is the lie and this is why so many soul are lost soul and wandering the planet as ghostly aspirations of the former image they use to be and in search of what they will never reclaim -THEIR SOUL they lost their earth and did enter into the rest of Sacred King of Peace and have no damn peace…

  • cjayconrod

    Ugh. If he was there to discuss “The Butler,” how did they even get into DL men? I wish that people would stop saying the DL lifestyle is infecting women with HIV. Irresponsible behavior and bad decisions are. I’m feeling like his comments may have done more damage than good.

    • BlackPegasus

      I agree…. I like Mr. Daniels but I cringed as I listened to his stories about being gay as a child and Black Gay men infecting women with HIV.. His comments took us back to the JL King days on Oprah.

  • Peter Jason Payne

    If he was wearing high heel shoes when he was five, then he was gender nonconformative. That’s not the same as being gay. Especially when you’re only five yearsd old, you don’t know that your gay. Not yet. That made me question everything else he said.

    • Randevyn Piérre

      It may be true for you that you weren’t sure about your sexuality at age five, but that doesn’t mean it’s true for Daniels or others.

      • Peter Jason Payne

        Sexual development doesn’t begin until after age five. A five year old boy cannot sexually love someone or understand sexuality. He was gender nonconformative. He liked dressing in women’s pretty clothes. That’s all.

        • Randevyn Piérre

          Sexuality isn’t just about “sex,” or “love;” it’s also about attraction. Human sexuality is complex, and its development (particularly as it relates to people who identify as being same-sex attracted) isn’t yet fully understood by scientists, so I’m sure it’s not fully understood by you, or anyone else either.

          My point is that making absolute statements about the experiences of others is rarely a good idea. We all have different stories about personal development as it pertains to sexuality – and they should all be respected.

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