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Lance Coadie Williams stars in “Bootycandy,” a new play written and directed by Robert O’Hara.

Black Gay Theater As Black Gay Think Tank

How do we engage and mobilize black gay men? This is a question many of us grapple with as the political landscape becomes increasingly distressed by the forces working to suppress our voices and diminish…


Let’s Talk About RFRA, Shall We?

I bet that some of you are wondering, “What is this RFRA, and what’s really going on?” Well, it’s not a Rihanna song, or hipster acronym. This law is known as a Religious Freedom Restoration…


For Essex Whose Lesson We’ve Forgotten

It’s one thing to quote those from our community who led the fight against this epidemic before us, and who lived so extraordinarily and died so prematurely that we seek to carry their spirit into our work today….