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Are We Ashamed Of Our Own?

Right before I say something scathing, I usually preface with one of two phrases: “No shade, but…” or “I don’t judge, but…” These are clever attempts to be polite because, usually, what I’m about to…


The Diary Of ‘The Other Man’

He winked, I looked away. He winked again, I smiled back.  Like kids at a playground, we expressed interest but exercised caution in our action. This game of cruising is one I had come to…

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I Don’t ‘Do’ Gay

On a recent, simple Saturday night, I invited one of my closest friends to a party. “Like at a club?” he asked me. “No, no. It’s house party,” I responded. He brightened up a bit….

What’s Wrong With Being A Gay Virgin?

I’m not surprised that most people get my personality confused with the vulgar things I say. My sexual vulgarities are the most egregious because they are definitely the complete opposite to the reality of my…


Discretion Vs. Denial

If I may, I’d like to paint a picture for you. Cool? Cool. Picture this: it is the summer of 2002. I am 13 years old, and I have just confessed to my mother that…