gay dating


Opening My Mind To Open Relationships

This past June marks 10 years since I came out of the closet and accepted the fact that I am a homosexual male. In that time, I have witnessed several different types of gay relationships…


Lessons From Living With My Boyfriend

Until recently, few people actually knew I was in a relationship. This may be due to the fact that I hardly changed once I entered into one. For the first few years, I was still…


How To Date A Feminine Man

Adjusting to becoming confident in your adulthood is such an amazing thing. What I thought was forever wasn’t forever. Who I admired one year ago, I now pity. I grew up. I grow up. Most…


The Trials & Triumphs Of Interracial Dating

I’m not sure how common it is or what exactly contributed to it, but from the time I became sexually active (17) up until maybe 23, I was almost exclusively attracted to white men…and Chris…


A Month Of First Dates

In the story of my life (gotta stop procrastinating about that book!), this chapter would probably be entitled “You’ll Know When You Find Out.” It’s not that I’ve given up on the concept of planning….


‘How Could You Be So Heartless?’

I write about relationships a lot. In fact, someone recently called me somewhat of a relationship guru based on my articles for this very magazine. The irony of it is that I’ve only really been…


The Missing Piece: Finding “The One”

I love New York City. The food is second to none, the arts are diverse, the nightlife is bustling, and the rats get their lives. Be that as it may, the city can sometimes cause…


Breaking Up: The End Of The Road

My boyfriend and I had been together for a few years; we loved one another, but we had certainly seen better times. We had fallen into a comfortable routine, but for the last few months,…


XD’s Top 5 Hopes And Wishes For 2013

Happy New Year, friends! It’s time for a fresh start, and an opportunity for us to get it (whatever “it” may be) right this time around. So, I have a couple of hopes and wishes…