Navigating My Way Through Being Gay, Pt. 1

As I embark on yet another quest to find artificial attention, I’m reminded of the disappointments that lie in wake of previous attempts. The reminders could not be any more vivid. There I was, staring…


No One Is Teaching Us How To Be Gay Men

“Black men need to start fathering their children, there’s so many gay n****s out here.” I could have begun this article so many different ways. I chose the ignorant quote above, not because I agree,…


XD’s Top 5 Hopes And Wishes For 2013

Happy New Year, friends! It’s time for a fresh start, and an opportunity for us to get it (whatever “it” may be) right this time around. So, I have a couple of hopes and wishes…

Black man single

What If Gay Was ‘Normal’?

I remember when I first learned what “gay” was, almost like it was yesterday. I was in the grocery store with my aunt and cousins while my parents were out of town for a weekend…

threesome feet

Bisexuality: Just A Layover To ‘Gaytown’?

There’s an old adage that goes something like this: “Bisexuality is just a layover to Gaytown.” Profound, isn’t it? OK, so it isn’t really an adage, nor is there anything particularly profound about that line….